Ejaculation or unintelligent ejaculation

Varied sorts ar accessible to suit a mans would like. Whether ejaculation or unintelligent ejaculation we are able to facilitate men by prescribing the foremost effective treatment. we tend to additionally perform magnetic stimulation medical aid for permanent results.For males with Peyronie’s malady, a condition that causes the phallus to bend, lose girth, or shorten, our andrologist offers specialised STD Testing Singapore treatment strategies, together with surgery or non-invasive shockwave medical aid and plasma injections.Hematuria is that the condition during which blood is gift within the piss which may be visible or non visible. it should indicate a heavy drawback within thetract. we tend to use advanced biological science, ultrasound, and versatile video cytoscopy below anaesthesiato see for the causes of haematuria. CT scan can be needed for a lot of elaborate investigation.

Prostate medical.We offer clinical examination, PSA biopsy, PCA3 piss check and transrectal ultrasound imaging of the prostate to see the prostate health. Regular prostate checks by our metropolis specialist ensures early and immediate treatment, if cancer is gift.

Magnetic girdle floor muscle stimulation may be a non invasive various treatment for people with enuresis, dysfunction, ejaculatory disorders, girdle pain syndrome, and duct muscle laxness.

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