Evony Inexperienced persons Guide – Recommendations to Dominate

Do you hate losing? I was getting my butt handed to me on Evony until I found a good Evony beginners guide. Let me share some of the tricks to picking a good Evony beginners guide so that maybe you don’t have to take the beating I took learning with this fun, addictive game.

1. Cheat Guides

There are some guides out there that provide tips or cheats that will ultimately get your account banned. There is nothing worse than investing a lot of time and then having all your progress wiped out.

It happened to me. I did exactly what a guide told me to do and that information got me banned. I was naive and didn’t know what hacks were at the time. I learned really quick the hard way.

2. Watch For Scams

There are a lot of scams out there hustling people for their hard earned money. Make sure you don’t sign up for a Evony beginners guide that has recurring payments. This is a sneaky tactic that scammers use to get extra money out of you. Usually you don’t realize it until after at least one extra payment has gone through. Sometimes you have lost six months of cash before you cancel your subscription!

Also never give out your account information. Some scammers will phish for your information saying that they need it in order to send you your guide. This is a hustle. As soon as you turn over your info, they sign into your account and rob you blind. If you cherished this article and you would like to obtain far more data with regards to Jurassic World The Game Hack kindly stop by our own web-site.

A real Evony beginners guide seller only needs your email address so that they can send you your e-book. All payment information should be handled through PayPal or other secure payment systems.

3. Pick Reputation

There are only a few guides worth checking out. Go with one written by somebody that is actually dominating in the game already. I could throw together a 100 page eBook stuffed with a bunch of information I’ve found on Wikipedia or the FAQ from the Evony site. But that is not an Evony beginners guide that is going to benefit you.

Be sure you get a guide that is respected by veterans of the game.

Don’t waste any of your real money purchasing in-game items to barely keep your town afloat. Find an Evony beginners guide that will make you rich in-game within a matter of days.

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