Do Fortnite Hacks Exist for the PC & Consoles?

Yes, there are a few websites that provide working and undetected fortnite aimbot for the PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. These hacks give you an added advantage in every game you play online. Every hack we list below works with every Fortnite Season. Also check out our BF5 Hacks and the new SCUM CHEATS we just released, this game is better than Fortnite!

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IWantCheats Now has a Fortnite Cheat section online for PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. We tell you how to cheat on each console systems, help you set up the cheats and provide instructions. We are also listing exploits and glitches in the game for VIP users. The cheats for the console systems will not get you banned, this is what’s included (see below) REGISTER NOW BY CLICKING HERE FOR ACCESS!

AIMBOT: Code to use various aimbot setups
RAPID FIRE: Primary and Secondary weapons have rapid fire
ANTI RECOIL: Weapons won’t have recoil anymore
HAIR TRIGGER: Fire with a hair trigger setup
MOVE FIRE: Jump, Squat, go left or right when you fire any weapons
QUICK SCOPE: Aim and fire scope weapons and kill fast
AUTO AIM: Aim Assitance abuse in the game
ALWAYS RUN: Run at all times
BUNNY HOP: Make the player bunny hop anytime
INSTANT BUILD: Build any structure with one button

Have you ever been playing Fortnite and thought to yourself “that guy had to have been using a Fortnite Hack“? Well, you were right. Fortnite Cheats released just a few weeks after the game came out.

In this article, I’ll explain how and where to download a real working Fortnite Hack to use on the PC, Xbox One, or PS4.

Fortnite Battle Royal has over 60 million players worldwide; it’s a great game, click here and get the FREE Fortnite Download on the PC. If you have a PS4 or Xbox One search for Fortnite and download to your console.

Fortnite looks like Epic Games took the entire PUBG idea (a game made using the UE4 engine) and created a new game off the success of PUBG’s 3.5 million daily players. The developers of PUBG are actually suing Epic, but that’s a story for another day, let’s get back to the cheats. Don’t forget to check out our Realm Royale Hacks.

Fortnite is now on the Nintendo Switch which means you can’t take the game with you everywhere! Check out the new video below and keep checking back for Nintendo Switch Fortnite Hack information.

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