WordPress |The Way To Create Your Website
The internet has several content management systems. One of which is WordPress. It is one of the most common and very newbie friendly content management system. However, the greatest hallmark of WordPress is its extendibility. This means anyone with coding knowledge may code a plugin to perform any functionality desired. To this effect, there exist more than 50,000 plugins for WordPress. These bring in additional functionality to WordPress. Some of these plugins are actually provided free of charge by developers. While others are premium plugins.
The cost of the said plugins defer according to the provider. As mentioned, WordPress is a very easy platform for any person to launch a website. Even newbies can create a website without a steep learning curve. So if you are planning to put your ideas on make a wordpress website the internet think of WordPress as a starting point.
To make a WordPress website, you do not only need a content management system. You also need website hosting. The content of your website is hosted on the servers of a website hosting provider. This way your website will be available to be accessed by the public.
Website hosting is a big industry. And from country to country there are many website hosting providers. However, like any industry, the player defer in terms of service. Some provide superior service as compared to others. And the onus is on the one seeking website hosting service to conduct due diligence. This way, you are geared to pick one of the best website hosting providers. There are several factors to consider when picking your website hosting provider. For example, speed and uptime of the servers.
So let us assume you want to make a website in the make money niche. The obvious thing to think of first is the name of your website. For the name to be registered, it depends on whether the name has not been taken up already. As you may know, domain names must be unique. Website hosting And by now you may have already settled on the website hosting provider. E.g Bluehost.
You then go to your selected website hosting company and register your website. Most of the times the website hosting provider may provide provision for domain registration aside from their core function of website hosting. You will have to pay for both domain registration and website hosting. Domain registration may cost around $10 per year while website hosting(if it is shared hosting) may cost you around $4 per month.
After registration you can then launch WordPress on the platform of your website hosting provider and start creating content for your website.

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