Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Seems

The Final Fantasy VII Remake demo was recently released on PlayStation Network after months of speculation.

It was a truly magical recreation of the opening moments of the original Final Fantasy VII, fleshed out with new and interesting dialogues, new character developments and a whole new combat system that is sure to appeal to new and old fans.

But perhaps the most intriguing for longtime fans of the franchise is the larger implications surrounding the compilation of Final Fantasy VII, which was a series of games and movies released in the early 2000s intended to flesh out events before and after the original game. .

Many people assumed that the existence of the Remake meant that the compilation of Final Fantasy VII was no longer considered “in canon” with the main scenario.

But this may not be the case.

There have been a number of examples where the story of the demo intersected the tales presented by Final Fantasy VII Before Crisis and Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core.

These two titles were prequel to the original game.

For starters, we have Cloud’s signature weapon, The Buster Sword. Cloud receives the sword from his friend Zack. This has always been part of the history of Final Fantasy VII. However, Crisis Core shows us that Zack receives it from his mentor Angeal. The weapon is inherited from warrior to warrior.
Final Fantasy VII Remake Demo Seems To Confirm That The Compilation Of Final Fantasy VII Is Still Canon
The demo status screen describes the Buster sword as “a large, broad sword that inherited the hopes of those who fight.” This seems to be a pretty clear indication that the history of Crisis Core still persists.

At one point during the demo, Jessie mentions an informant who obtained the access codes for the Mako reactor.

In Before the Crisis, it was actually Rufus Shinra who secretly fed Avalanche’s information about his father’s society, with the aim of weakening his father’s position and taking control of himself.

Pre-crisis events are referenced again