GPR utility scanning

We at Line locators use state-of-the-art GPR (ground penetration radar) technology to find common embedded objects and other hazardous stuff hidden in the concrete. We render services in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.

GPR utility scanning Why take the risk of damaging utilities and increasing the time and cost of your project? Our GPR utility locating services like PVC pipe locator will accurately identify the location and depth of any utilities and underground anomalies.

Our GPR utility scanning & PVC pipe locator is one of the safest, accurate way to scan concrete for rebar, utilities, and underground utilities. We can pinpoint any embedment within your concrete structures prior to the cutting or coring.

The GPR scanning process uses a transmitting antenna at a certain determined frequency. The electromagnetic energy in the form of radio wave bounces off the buried objects like rebar, pipes, and conduits, etc. and gets captured back by a receiver in the same antenna.

The GPR tech we use can quickly and accurately detect the bounced off radio waves. Any object that reflects the signal underground is displayed in real-time on the screen as the GPR equipment proceeds to do its job. In some exceptional cases, we can also state whether a particular object is metallic or non-metallic.

The scan for the hidden material will be determined by the electrical conductivity of the metal being scanned. A material with higher electrical conductivity will allow for a deeper penetrating scan, whereas the effect will be the opposite for material with lower electrical conductivity.