Kylie Jenner Wows In Jacquie Aiche Jewelry

Kylie Jenner looks stunning in her recent photos and some get more attention than others. Sharing several photos of her with her 165 million followers on Instagram, Kylie wore Ambra Maddalena, Jean Paul Gaultier and jewelry by Jacquie Aiche on photos that had gone viral. For both photos, Kylie wore a long honey blonde wig with waves that fell along her shoulders and down her back to reach her waist. Fans love the 22-year-old billionaire’s choice of hair color, and the photos she shared have warm tones that give the photos a dreamy look. Kylie Jenner Wows In Jacquie Aiche Jewelry, Jean Paul Gaultier, And Ambra Maddalena

In the first set of photos, Kylie posed with her hair parted in the middle while wearing the pure white Andy dress from Ambra Maddalena. The dress sells for around $ 310 and quickly sold out after Kylie shared the photos. Although Kylie has her arms covering her modesty, the dress is transparent and completely transparent. Many wear it as a beach blanket or on a slip of a different color for contrast.
In the photo above, you will notice that Kylie is focusing on accessories. She was wearing not one, but two quilted shoulder bags from Side Pack by Coco Chanel, and layered jewelry from Jacquie Aiche, including the following items: 14-carat gold, diamond and moonstone ring, the Jacquie Aiche Moonstone cage necklace and a 14 carat gold, diamond and moonstone necklace by Jacquie Aiche.

Kylie opted for Jacquie Aiche jewelry a second time when she shared photos of her wearing Jean Paul Gaultier’s butterfly top and strapless skirt. The look was gorgeous and highlighted Kylie’s belly chain.

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