Planetside 2: Escalation Is Arriving

Many have been waiting with breath and rhythm, hoping that the huge Planetside 2 first-person shooter will soon be released with its new expansion, Escalation. A first foray into the product by the new studio Rogue Planet Games, a subsidiary of the Daybreak Game Company, Escalation seems ready to start making things happen with massive airships, new deployment options and new equipment for everyone.

It might be time to dust off the jump boots; The rock climbing looks incredible from the hand that Rogue Planet has shown in the test versions pu

fight for supremacy. They warn that there may still be bugs and issues that have not been fully resolved, mainly due to the size of the next free expansion, and this announcement has led to some reluctance on the part of fans to plunge into a semi-cooked scheme.
Planetside 2: Escalation Is Arriving With New Weaponry And Tactics On March 11
Others who experienced the first-hand expansion said it was a fantastic time, although the expansion focuses a lot on the outfits (the guild system at play), and the guards organized and deployed as that unique strength on a dynamic battlefield. Still, even if the outfits aren’t necessarily your style, you’ll find a fair amount of content to browse and will likely benefit from Escalation as it will organize more cluster fights, rather than merging the bases on a massive map.

In addition to this news, Rogue Planet Games is also attacking outfits that no longer have an active leader. If a leader has failed to connect in the past six months, players are encouraged to submit a customer service ticket requesting reassignment of the leadership within that attire.

Leaders reassigned due to their inactivity will have thirty days to submit a customer service ticket themselves in order to regain their “ leader ” rank in their attire. Long and short is that the outfits will no longer stagnate due to inactive players,