T.I. Shares A Powerful Photo Featuring

TI shared a photo on his social media account in which you can also see Nipsey Hussle and other kings. Take a look at the photo and you will understand why it emanates so much respect.

“Choose your words carefully now … Remember who you are talking to !!! # KingsπŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘πŸ‘‘ # TMC🏁 #LongLiveNipseyTheGreat ”, Tip captioned his message.

The words he used in the legend suggested to some followers that he could overshadow Kodak Black. Earlier today, it was revealed that Kodak had received his last sentence – he will have to stay in prison until August 2022.

The other day, his mother and lawyers came to see him, but he was put on a bus to Kentucky before they even arrived. So they couldn’t even see the rapper.

You may remember that Kodak drew a lot of hatred on him after disrespecting Nipsey Hussle by hitting Lauren London after his death. He also directed Tip and his wife, Tiny Harris.

T.I. Shares A Powerful Photo Featuring Nipsey Hussle And More Kings – People Believe He’s Shading Kodak Black This is why people believe that Tip obscures the man with his post.

Someone commented, “This photo is as cold as hell, King,” and a disciple said, “Reason why Kodak is in jail now, can’t disrespect the king and queen LL! Off with his head.

Another follower posted this: “Yes, a little boy. Naw, he displays a bad education. Everyone born before 1990 knows how to never disrespect the deceased. 101 Primary school. ‘

Someone else posted this: “ This photo here has a strong statement made without words ”, and a follower wrote: “ Amazing real handsome men here this photo is epic πŸ’–β€οΈπŸ”₯ beyond blessings @ troubleman31. ”

One fan wrote: ‘#Longlivenipsey More success for all of us So the legacy can go on # tmc🏁 Let this world heal and Black people have #igothope America.’

One commentator said, “ Damn why Nip had to leave, I know he had more jewelry to put down … ”

Another Instagrammer commented on the following: ‘@ troubleman31 Now, I love you and I respect you very much, I hope this message and the legend do not refer to what is happening with Kodak which was a misunderstanding in time which was out of proportion. yet he does not deserve what happens to him PERIOD Love, free, tear all our men
Do you think Tip is targeting Kodak with his post?