Zotnip’s Hyperspace Delivery Service Now Available On Mobile

developer Zotnip has announced that its latest title Hyperspace Delivery Service is available for mobile. The game was previously released on PC in 2019 and later on Nintendo Switch in March. The game is now ready to play on the App Store and the Play Store.

The game’s trailer dates from 2019, but the mobile experience will be similar. The game starts inside a spaceship and players have to manage the controls. The game becomes a whole new experience once it’s time to deliver the packages. The dungeons are similar to the old RPGs of the past, where players play in the first person and must carefully plan their course, otherwise get lost in a labyrinth. Not only must the packages be delivered on time, but the player must survive to deliver on another day.Zotnip’s Hyperspace Delivery Service Now Available On Mobile

Players must also manage their fuel, food and supplies to deliver on time and keep the crew alive. There are also various dangers outside the ship, such as asteroids.

There are many ways to play the game. As a captain, players can work the trade routes, become friends with the crew to learn their strengths and weaknesses, extract fuel and search for valuable supplies, or fight pirates. space robots to protect the ship and residents inside.